SYDNEY, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recent data revealed that Tik Tok became the first non-Facebook app to hit 3 billion downloads and consumer spending on the platform has surpassed US$2.5 billion globally. According to the leading digital marketing agency Sydney wide, Zib Digital, Tik Tok has become a marketplace where customer relationships can thrive, a brand’s personality can be developed and communities can be fostered. 

Zib Digital explains that creating a marketing strategy for the platform should be approached in a similar way to other platforms. It’s important to consider what sort of content fares well on the specific platform. Tik Tok users are incredibly active and it is seen as a place for personalised content creation.

Authenticity is key on Tik Tok, says Zib Digital. User-driven content resonates with the audience here. People are actively searching for tips about what to buy on the platform and the trick is to ensure ads don’t feel like they are designed to sell something. People are more likely to watch content if it doesn’t feel forced and therefore, the strategy should be based around pulling people in, not pushing a product on them.

Building a community on Tik Tok is critical as the users on this platform are more engaged and interconnected than other platforms. Zib Digital explains that it’s not enough to simply post a video – it’s important to engage with relevant influencers by collaborating with them. The algorithm is very effective at driving engagement, with users spending a lot of time in the ‘For You’ tab. Taking note of trending songs and hashtags and utilising them will help to drive engagement.

The Tik Tok algorithm understands where users are along the purchasing path, so creating content for each stage of the buyer journey will give brands a competitive edge. Zib Digital recommends creating content announcing a product and then following that up with content that offers tips and tricks for using the product. When users create content related to the product, brands should also share that user-generated content. 

As the leaders in digital marketing and SEO Sydney wide, Zib Digital can help brands build a strategy for Tik Tok that aligns with their other marketing efforts. 

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