The goal of every business is to remain relevant to the market, whether they be established or up and coming. Of course, sales matter as it makes or breaks the business’s profit. However, relevancy is just as important- if not more. 


The answer is simple. Sales may remain stagnant from time to time, but a customer’s interest in your brand is how you can maintain hope for your business. Having consistent consumer attention to your brand will help you achieve the brand awareness that you are going for- but how? 

Continue reading this article to find out more about how youth marketing strategy can help in this matter as well as how youth marketing agencies like NERDS Collective can guide you in making the best marketing decisions for the betterment of your brand. 

Is Youth Marketing Strategy Effective? 

You might be thinking- why is there a need to target a specific age range when your product caters to consumers of all ages? 

Furthermore, why should a certain marketing strategy be directed towards this age group? 

The youth market is made up of customers aged 11-35, and further subcategories determine their specific age range. 

With the younger age bracket, a thought might graze your mind. Why do you need to market to kids who do not have buying power yet? This is because the youth generation, regardless of their age, affects their family’s purchase decisions. 

Therefore, there’s a high chance that even if a kid aged 11 cannot buy for themselves, their preferences will still be considered by the parents. 

This is especially more evident for teens and young adults as they start to make decisions for the family. 

For these reasons, you need effective youth marketing strategies in order to fully capture their interests. 

But how? Let’s first define what a youth marketing strategy means. 

Defining Youth Marketing Strategy

A youth marketing strategy refers to any marketing and advertising effort geared towards the young generation. 

They are advertising strategies and campaigns used to communicate with the youthful population in order to persuade them to purchase goods and services from a specific brand like yours. 

What Is Considered Youth Marketing Strategy? 

The most popular and widely used youth marketing strategy today is online marketing. This is evident by how much social media platforms are being utilised by brands by employing brand ambassadors and making their presence known online. 

And with the young generation being active in the online world, this is an excellent way to draw their interest in your brand. 

Some other examples of youth marketing strategies come in the forms of television marketing and product placements.

How To Establish The Best Youth Marketing Strategy

The young generation can be particularly challenging to cater to. 

To pique their interest, you must be extremely cautious when dealing with them. They dislike it when others tell them what to do and can tell when a brand is trying to take advantage of them. 

Instead of being interested in brands that are trying to hard-sell their products to them, they prefer being given the time to explore and really get to know a product or service- this is exactly why review videos in video streaming applications are extremely popular. 

They rely a lot on what other people say. They like seeing feedback and reviews first before making a purchase. 

Rather than employing hard-selling approaches, it is preferable to involve them and pique their interest in order for them to disseminate awareness among their friends and family.

However, this is not at all a piece of cake. Strategic marketing to the youth requires a deep dive into their thoughts and the trends they follow. In this case, the best route to go is to work with specialists such as NERDS Collective to unearth expert approaches and make the best out of your marketing efforts.