As a consumer, you leave your mark on all the platforms you use. And this is the data that helps marketers to develop smart REACH to CONSUMERS.

With Machine Learning, marketers can leverage insights from huge consumer data, they can segment and develop personalized campaigns. By studying detailed data, a marketer can identify buying patterns, buying cycles, buying areas, customer preferences. With this information, you can develop ads that are targeted to a group of consumers.

Suppose you want to buy a flat in your area and you do a Google search and realize that when you log into Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, YahooMail and all other online platforms, you start receiving ads from local real estate projects that match your needs. . It is Data Science and Marketing combined together.

For example, your business website uses social data, purchase profile, web activity, and browsing history, as well as interests to provide customers with preferred products that they are more likely to buy.

Your location, current and immediate interests, age group, income section can help marketers to identify suitable products to offer to consumers and connecting with digital consumers with their possible interests can help consumers and brands.

Offline and Online businesses are joining day by day. You can’t exist just by being offline and online can make an initial profit but in the long run you are nowhere to be found

It is important now to have an online presence and be a name in the minds of others, your business may be in trouble in the future.

Offline Marketing – hoarding, distribution of flyers, door to door campaigns. It is effective but VERY HIGH COST. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rely on offline marketing. Basically we need to do HYBRID, Offline and Online marketing MIX to give maximum impact in the minds of customers. And you just need to move on, otherwise the memories will be erased immediately.

Online Marketing – This has an impact on very LOW COST compared to Offline.

Leverage the power of today’s data and leverage it digitally to reach your customers and market your products based on several possible parameters.

A marketer can develop effective algorithms to process consumer data and identify possible and influence outcomes.

Brands and marketers to explore innovative ways to acquire and connect with customers to make their buying journey interesting and memorable. Organizations that continue to innovate to connect with customers are most likely to thrive in the digital world. Maybe we can help?

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