I’ve always thought of brands as extensions of Humans; Just like us, brands also have a journey of life. Every day a new brand is born and like a newborn child, it also comes with certain attributes and characteristics, which only become clear and understandable when we come into contact with them on a regular basis.

Children are often given ‘guidance and prohibitions for dealing with everyday life. Likewise, the brand also needs some rules that will help it create a distinct image in the market. These rules are created by carefully examining the market, competition, and the purpose for which it exists.

Then, when a child starts school, he or she develops a list of ‘what’s and don’ts’ and a way of living that is tailored to his desires and dreams. A brand, too, establishes do’s and don’ts that clearly state how the brand will look, behave, and speak. Just as the simple things that guide us in our daily life form the basis of our existence and make things very organized and easy, brand guidelines, in a very efficient and systematic way place emphasis on how brands will release their content to the world. It provides a solid framework for your business to use as a starting point for any branding work.

Just like traffic signals, guidelines provide an idea of ​​direction. Creativity within boundaries can be a challenge, but at the same time, it provides the necessary direction. If you have too much to explore, it can get scary and disabling. And in the end, you might just be exploring different routes without knowing where to go. When thoughtful guidance is created, it gives the branding team a clear understanding of how to do things, not just beating around the bush.

Life without any rules is unimaginable. In fact, without rules it will be chaotic. Then, how can a brand survive without regulations and guidelines? It is these guidelines that distinguish a brand from others; they provide the direction necessary to achieve their goals. Brand guidelines give brands a sense of coherence. This is important because it ensures that there is symmetry and consistency in the brand voice that resonates with the audience. This will further create brand awareness and build trust.

So whether you’re a newbie, an established brand, or are thinking about rebranding, it’s never too late to develop brand guidelines.