I’ve been getting lots of questions on the forums we’ve participated in, and we’ve also gotten lots of questions from our new affiliates.

What is a real sales funnel?

So I want to go over and break it down in theory, in practice how it’s structured and show some effective sales funnel landing pages. So what are the real numbers on how it works and why it’s beneficial for your business.

So, the process is we have the product and we want to create awareness in the market. And then once someone realizes it, to generate interest for that prospect.

And once we have that prospect’s interest, we want them to make a decision and then take action on that decision.

And once they take action, we see the benefits of the sales funnel process.

So the structure…


First we have a Landing Page.

And the landing page, the only thing we’re trying to do is get an email address.

So we want to promise that if they give us their email address, we will give them the valuable information they like.

And it doesn’t cost much.

Maybe free, maybe $1, sort of.

But we want to make it really worth it.

So people will exchange their email addresses with us because they know we will be contacting them in the future.


Once we get the email address, we want to direct them to a thank you page that may have an offer.

So in other words, we promise them something for their email and then we send them to a thank you page and they say, thank you very much.

This is the thing you want, but, by the way, do you really want to see it this thing that might make your life better or solve your problems?


And from there they can go to the order page to actually buy it.

Then what we always like to do is on the order page to increase our value per ticket is we give them the product they want, but then ask them if they want to find another product that will help the product they want. purchase.

And it’s called an order lump.

And what we’ve seen through separate testing is that 20 to 30% of people will actually accept an order if it’s offered.


Then after they complete the order, they can be taken to an upsell page for additional products that will help them with the product they just purchased.

And of course, if they do take it, we see about 30 to 35% of people actually taking upsells. But once they pick it up, then you can take it to the thank you page.


Now let’s say someone doesn’t receive an upsell.

Well, instead of letting them go, let’s take them to the bottom sales page.

So maybe they are ready to buy, but they don’t want to spend that much money.

So we took them to an offer that was probably more or less the same but a steeper discount, sort of.

And what we’ve seen is that 15 to 20% of people will actually drop sales beyond the offer.

If we just give them that offer.

And of course then we can take them to the thank you page.

So now what about the 95% of people who didn’t buy the first time they came?

Because we all know that 95% of the traffic that comes to our landing pages is actually not make decisions because they have to go through their buying cycle.

So what do we do with the 95% of people who don’t buy our product the first time they see it? Well, that’s why we collect those emails.

So that we can put them in the email smart list and now we can message them by email for the next day, two or three in the automated system.

Then make that offer to come back and buy that product. So maybe they weren’t ready to buy at first.

But you can provide them with additional information over the next few days that might persuade them to buy your product.

But what if they don’t buy the product? Well, they haven’t left yet and then we can come up with a different offer for them And then send them another set of emails that might be related to that product they do not buy or may be something completely different.

Well, what if they don’t buy the product? Well, then we can send them different offers.

Because they are on our email list.

We now have the ability to send offers whenever we want.

And the problem is, if you don’t become spam, where they will opt out of your list,

if you give them a rating, they will stay on your list forever.

So the process goes on, you can actually submit different offers with an automated system, so you can provide value to these people.

And of course, that’s how we generate revenue for our business.

So the key is, the landing page.

So let’s take a look at the structure of a good landing page.

First, we wanted to have a hook, something to grab people’s attention.

And then we want to tell them took y.

Why our products will be good for the problems they face on our website.

Of course then we want to make an offer.

So actually all business really boils down to these three simple rules.

1. Learn how to get someone’s attention

2. Tell them a story that builds confidence, emotion and trust

3. Then sell something they want, which is very interesting to them.

So again, let’s take a look at some really good examples of great landing pages.

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Enter our email address to receive the free digital video she references above and how to flip a house from yours. Let’s look at the actual numbers.

Say it…

200 people entered their email address on your landing page.

Then 5% of those people decide to buy right away.

And let’s say your product is $27.

Well, if you have 5% of people who buy, out of 200 people who come,

You might spend two to $300 on an ad that gets traffic to your website.

So you actually make $270 from 5% of people who buy first time.

Of the 10 people who bought your initial product, they were in the mood to buy.

So why not give them an extra offer?

So let’s say you have another product that’s wider, maybe a course you can sell for $297.

For example, out of 10 people who bought your original product, now they will buy,

one person will actually buy your program for $297.

So here are the numbers.

You spend $300 on advertising to get people to your landing page.

You make 10 sales for $27 and one sale for $297 for a total of $567.

So now you’ve made a profit of over $267.


You have now accumulated 200 email addresses which you can now market for free.

Do you see how amazing the sales funnel process is?

And that’s the beauty of sales funnels, and that’s why we use them.

Now, what’s the best program we’ve ever used?

And we’ve tested lots of different programs from hard coding websites, to WordPress and lots of different software programs.

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