How to write a quality article in a short amount of time is an important skill to know if you are writing for the purpose of article marketing or are making your living by selling packages of handwritten articles that are commissioned by others. Writing articles quickly can cause quality problems for many people, but if several pointers are kept in mind, it is possible to develop the writing skill to write good articles in just about 15 minutes. Here are the most important things to remember when writing articles quickly.

Quality Does MattersWhile it may seem self-defeating to write a quick, quality article, it is possible. Never simply churn out articles that are merely words strung together for search engines, but are barely readable to humans. Without extensive research, however, how does one write a quality article in about 15 minutes?

1. Write about what you know – Unless you have been commissioned to write extensively on a subject you have no knowledge about, you can really write good articles with just a little thought about general subjects. If you really need to read up a little, simply click on Wikipedia and quickly scan the headings and a few sentences of a particular subject before you actually start writing at all. (Never plagiarize, however!)

2. Mentally outline your thoughts – Choose a basic 4-5 sentence intro, 3-4 subheadings or bulleted points and then a 3-5 sentence conclusion that basically puts in a nutshell what you have already written. Only try to deal with 1 to 3 basic overall ideas per 400-500 word article.

3. About keywords – Put your keyword in the first 3 words of your beginning sentence, a couple of places throughout the body and in the last sentence of your conclusion. Overuse of keywords are not helpful. If you’re selling your articles, your buyers may have some requirements or will simply adjust the article to the keyword density required.

4. Speed matters, too! – Let if flow. Once you have a general idea of how you will lay out your article, let it flow. Refuse to let your mind jump track with another idea and get lost in a mammoth piece of writing. Remember to stick to your plan and keep writing. You can fix small problems later if needed. It is fully possible to write an articulate, quality article in 15 minutes if you have your writing plan firmly set in your mind.

If you’re struggling to write articles for your own growing marketing business or you want to write articles to sell to hungry buyers, it’s important to be able to write quality articles fast enough to warrant your time for hire. If you are writing general articles for your own needs, you will be surprised at how many you can rack up by simply sticking to this very workable, easy plan.