How to Position Your Brand Message During COVID-19

When I say the word “brand”, what comes to my mind? A giant company like Amazon, or the color of the company logo?

In fact, a brand is much more than a visual representation, tagline, jingle, or website; and it’s not just something only the “big guys” have to pay attention to

Your branding represents the total experience of working with you.

From the colors of your website, to your core values, to the customer service you provide, every point of contact someone has with you shapes and helps define your brand message†– whether their impression is good or not.

The success of your business often depends on how you position your brand.

  • Do a branding analysis
  • Do competitor analysis and do competitor research
  • Identify what makes you unique and why this is an important step
  • Create your brand positioning statement to use on websites, social media and even at networking events
  • And that’s just the beginning!

A professional marketing company can ensure you position your brand message most effectively during COVID-19.

How Can COVID-19 Change Your Brand Message?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink how we position our brand.

First, ask yourself, “What made me want to be known all this time?” People will remember how you made them feel in this moment, whether it was positive or negative. And note:

1. People spend more time online.

It is estimated that half of the global population is under recommended or mandatory lockdowns. According to Neilsen, media consumption has increased by as much as 60% during the COVID-19 crisis.

So whether you are creating paid ads, social media posts, blogs or website copy, your target audience will most likely see your brand.

Are you building awareness of your brand and resonating with your customers?

Are you sending the right message, or is your brand tone deaf? You may have to change your brand message to fit this “new normal”.

2. People engage with brands differently.

With many stores still closed, consumers are turning to websites to find the things they need and want.

As supply chains have been affected, even the essentials that consumers get in-store may run out, which is also contributing to people turning to cyberspace for hoarding.

That means your customers expect a seamless online shopping experience.

Do the navigation, imagery, and text of your website inspire confidence that the information will be safe? How quickly can you respond to customer service issues?

While some of these changes may be temporary, and people will return to store shopping at some point, I predict we will see permanent changes in this type of consumer behavior

People need to be tech savvy, and many are now fully aware of the convenience of online shopping offerings. I don’t think we’ll see all of those tech adoptions undone once life returns to normal (whatever that normal is).

How you market your brand during the coronavirus is important now and, in the future, and it can very well change your message going forward.

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If you’re wondering how COVID-19 is impacting paid advertising campaign strategies, you’re not alone! And the answer is: negatively and positively.

On the one hand, people are mostly at home, and doing almost everything online. But many people are cutting back on their expenses due to losing their jobs or trying to save to help their families through the pandemic.

So I’m sharing some tips on managing PPC during the coronavirus. PPC stands for pay per click advertising, also known as non-organic traffic. (Organic traffic comes from unpaid SEO techniques).

How to Position Your Brand Message During COVID-19

Your customers are looking to you for reassurance and guidance all along.

All of your branding messages should come from a place of empathy, concern, and kindness. Here are 4 ways to position your brand message during COVID-19

1. Humanize your brand.

It’s more important than ever to be human and authentic in your communications.

One of the best ways to show the human side of your small business is to create memorable moments that can be shared through stories.

You can create a video for social media that features a customer story about an employee who went the extra mile. Or, you can focus on employee stories, so people know who’s supporting you through this crisis.

It’s okay to be a little carefree during this time as well, as long as you’re sensitive to the fact that this is a tough and tragic time for a lot of people. Be careful what you share!

2. Increase your social media pr essence.

From community initiatives you support, to changing store hours, to new services you offer, stay active on social media.

Even if you don’t have news to share, keep your social media accounts up to date by sharing relevant news, articles and videos from other sources.

Even a few inspiring words from you can remind people that you are out there, and that you care.

3. Create customer satisfaction.

Customer pleasure is about exceeding customer expectations, not just meeting them. There are many ways to please customers, including:

Be flexible. Don’t always say “no” just because you’ve always done it that way. Listen to your customers and be as flexible as possible to meet their needs.

Adds a personal touch. Send an eCard or promo code on their birthday, for example.