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Does Men Menopause?

Men do go through menopause! Men too have menopause – but is different, not so much in physical rather mentally and hormone in-balance, somehow increases and decreases that will all depends on the person’s health condition and stress management. Male menopause also known as “Andropause” during their mid-life, most men experience menopause usually much later than compared to most females menopause.

The term menopause has always evolved to means the ovaries has complete their evolution and cease to ovulate. The changes with age in women do not relate solely to estrogen and progesterone levels.

Men have no specific to this defined menopause. In men reproductive systems slowly and gradually decline with age and also decline in testosterone level. Maklon Kosmetik Effecting factors generally not only due to aging, but also lack of exercise, poor diet, excessive drinking and insufficient sleep.

Unlike women, who are more likely to be aware of many of the symptoms of menopause. Men symptoms appear over the course of a decade or more or did not show at all and it becomes in slowing down physical, men go on procreating until they reach much older in age. Men can suffer a fear of cessation of being masculine of being macho.

Causes Life to Changes.

In general, men are encourage to watch for the Top 10 Signs or symptoms of “Menopause”:

1. Sleep problems

2. Weight gain

3. Memory loss

4. Muscle loss

5. Thinning hair

6. Decreased bone density

7. Irritability

8 .Mood changes

9. Erectile problems

10. Depression

The changes in both men and women which is related to reproductive hormone is tenuous, men exactly as do changes in mood and sense of well-being as the typical as a menopause women. Both men and women, muscle mass will declines and fat mass increases.