Multitasking Skills

Multitasking Skills Talking about digital marketing, what will come to your mind? Marketing through online media or selling on various social media platforms? Yep, you’re right! The proliferation of information technology as it is today, allows many companies to implement digital marketing practices in their business activities. The reason is that apart from being cheap, digital technology-based marketing techniques are more effective in attracting potential target customers.

Even though the prospects are promising, there are a number of general skills that you must master well, starting from content marketing, content writing, basic design, SEO and SEM specialists, social media ads, KOL research, and so on. So, you need to hone soft skills in the form of multitasking so you can manage work and time well.

Okay, here are 4 tips to improve multitasking skills for the digital marketing profession. Here is the explanation!

1. Determine the deadline and priority scale.

As is well , digital marketing is the type of work most sought after by many companies in order to achieve effective and efficient marketing goals. No kidding, this job will require you to be more adept at doing multiple tasks at once. That’s why you have to hone and master this multitasking skill well.

So, so that you are not easily stress and confus at work, you certainly ne to determine which priority scale must come first. Ok, start by making a list of all the tasks that ne to¬† done. Then, evaluate each task and set priorities based on the tasks that have the most urgent deadlines or the easiest ones first, so that you don’t feel worried and stressed when working on difficult tasks later. If so, monitor and update your plan according to changing situations or priorities that might occur.

2. Group by related jobs

if just now was the most urgent or easiest task. You still have to group related tasks to work on at one time. The reason is, this multitasking skill tends to make someone easily experience physical and mental fatigue, if you have to do two or three different things at once.

When we try to do a lot of work at once, it’s actually difficult for us to get good results, if we make this quick switch. Instead it will make us feel mentally and physically exhausted. Because, oxygenated glucose in the brain, uses up the fuel that is equally need to focus on a job. multitaskers are advis to do jobs that are still interconnect to reduce brain fatigue.

3. Train yourself so that you are not easily distract

We may sometimes find it difficult to concentrate, if the environment does not support us while working. Especially in the technological era like now, it’s obviously difficult to get away from a number of notifications or messages that easily break your concentration.

for prevention, you can create a quieter environment, such as closing unnecessary applications on the computer, turning off notifications on the device, and tidying up or decorating the workplace. Apart from that, music can be a pretty good accompaniment to help you be more enthusiastic about working.

4. Take regular breaks

If you are already experiencing fatigue at work, but the brain forces it to finish all the work. Instead, you should take a break from work for a while from now on. Instead of being able to finish well, prolonged stress will actually make you experience burnout. Burnout itself is a chronic stressful condition in which a person not only experiences mental exhaustion, but can also cause emotional and physical exhaustion due to work.

By giving you the best time to rest, the brain can maximize performance, instead of being forc to reach the target even though you are extremely tir. In the end, you are not advis to push yourself too hard to work excessively. Moreover, health is secondary to the work you are currently doing.